Shaping the Future

Changing the way you experience motion to make the virtual a reality

Vizuality Studios introduces a new way of seeing. Changing the way we interact, communicate and experience, discover a revolution in reality.

Vizuality Studios brings virtual reality together with natural freedom of movement, changing the way we experience and interact with the world.

We’re a passionate team of innovators, technologists and developers building products and experiences that move virtual reality into a whole new world.

We develop our own VR wireless headsets allowing us to offer our clients customised and branded high resolution VR headsets. We also develop our own VR props and equipments and combine it with large arena scale tracking to provide multi-users and body tracking VR experiences as well as develop custom professional VR products.


We are in the process of opening a chain of professional, corporate wireless arena scale VR studios across various worldwide cities to offer corporate VR service by the hour inclusive of the use of the arena scale studio, all props, VR technology and consultancy and content development.


Having developed our very own high resolution VR wireless headsets has allowed us to design and develop a "turn-key" professional VR package. From large scale professional VR studios for architects and designers to showcase their client's designs to large amusement and theme parks and attractions. At Vizuality, we are building dedicated VR attractions and studios for the professional market.


Our expertise in developing our own VR hardware has lead to working closely with a number of universities worldwide to share reciprocal developments as well as developing the future of educational VR.