Architecture & Design


Welcome to a new way of seeing

Our dedicated professional VR studio based in the heart of Liverpool city (UK) offers a state-of-the-art 80 square metre wireless VR services

From architecture visualisation, therapy, 3D designs, VR Lab, marketing and events and promotional VR, our corporate studio set over two floors can welcome your guests and your team as well as provide a unique VR experience with multi-users, real props in a completely untethered environment.


We offer workstations, private meeting room, catering as well as full content development and VR world creation as required.

Immersive training


The largest wireless VR studio in the world?

Opening soon, our Jersey (UK) based professional studio spans over 190 square metres offering an incredible amount of space to walk around a VR world completely untethered.

This dedicated development VR studio allows the showcase and testing of larger VR attractions and developments.


See our different theme parks and attractions products to complement your VR experience, test out new developments and experience with one of the most advanced VR development platform in the world.

Immersive events


We are opening a chain of professional, corporate VR studios

With our first two studios in the UK, and a partnership in Shanghai, our next openings are due to take place in Los Angeles and France.

Our studios are dedicated professional VR studios to offer untethered, multi-users, multi-props, body tracking VR experiences.


Want to know more about the openings of our studios or would like to be involved, please contact us.